Tools to discover the

immense power that lives within.


"I found the program to be a non-judgmental, honest and very personal exploration of where I am, where I want to be and how my mind can help me get there. I would not hesitate to recommend the program to others."

-John Aldis

Vice President & CFO, North York General Hospital 


Workshops designed to increase awareness,

improve attention, and build relationships.

We provide simple tools and practices presented in

a classroom format using a mix of:






Be guided through the tools and explore the impacts.

Push beyond your comfort zone to learn and grow.

Understand the science and evidence behind the tools.

Make the practices more tangible and logical.

Explore the unknown.

Go deeper to increase your self-awareness and


Get more of what you want

and feel better while doing it.

Explore your mind and enrich your life.

Create balanced people and connected teams.


Be in the zone faster and more often.

Notice the thoughts in your head without getting caught up in them.

Have greater 'a-ha!' moments to
respond more wisely and creatively. 
Have all your faculties working cohesively to achieve your goals.
Release fears and act purposefully for a more fulfilling life.
Breathing, meditation, visualization, and effective communication are just some of the tools you'll be equipped with.
Feel supported and empowered to transform your life's outcomes.
Leave with a toolbox of practices to face any situation more productively.

Shivalee Paliwal

Designer | Facilitator

“Shivalee is extremely credible and professional. She asked provocative and probing questions and developed skills that really had us using different parts of our brain. It was tremendously beneficial. She used scientific information to help us understand the background behind some of the practices that we were learning and this helped to legitimize them and make it more real to us.”


-Dr. Donna McRitchie

VP Medical and Academic Affairs, North York General Hospital

An MBA graduate experienced in

project management and leadership

An honours mathematics major

Trained and experienced in adult education

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist

A certified yoga and dance teacher

“As a busy Executive, I knew that stress reactions were clouding my leadership ability. It was not good for my people or my business. The PUSH Program helped me to find simple yet deep practices that have changed the way I engage in my life both personally and professionally.” 

-Mary Madigan-Lee

Chief Human Resources Officer, St. Michael's Hospital


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